Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gift and re-gift

I am participating in the FIG show "Gift" that is now on view at Mesa College.  On April 3 we had a wallk through of the exhibit with presentations by the artists.  Each artist interpreted the idea of of the show differently which led to discussions on varied topics including the concept of the gift economy, the artist as gift-giver, the gift of attention, art as transformation, parenthood, nurturing, memory and gun violence.  Even with this wide range of different takes on the subject, the show was beautifully put together with all the voices playing together to make a compelling show.

Moya Devine talked about  her collage images and gift of information about issues surrounding gun violence.
****  I will be posting more photos from the show and talks.
 In the meantime check out  photos by Susan Myrland of the "Gift" Show